born in Erlangen (Germany)

education at Kunstgewerbeschule Basel (Switzerland), Gesamthochschule Kassel (Germany), Städelschule Frankfurt (Germany) and Goldsmiths College London (Great Britain)

lives and works between Frankfurt (Germany) and Palermo (Italy)

since 2015 member of Dimora Oz, Palermo (Italy)


My works at first glance seem rather heterogenious since they come in different materials and techniques. Looking closer though, you may discover that they all have a painterly vision and an investigation of the illusionarypainterly space in common. They are mostly triggered by some found misapprehension and question the themes of origin and originality, identity and congruence. Although in form they range from painting, drawing, sculpture and fotography up to site-specific and space filling installation, I would consider them all as paintings.

selected shows and participations

„No Room To Swing A Cat“, AtelierFrankfurt, Frankfurt a.M. (2012), „Enter the Missapprehension“, Giudecca 282/a, Venice (2013), „Bis repetita (non) placent“, Galerie perpetuel Frankfurt a.M. (2015 – bipersonale con Manfred Peckl), „PalermoChiamaPalermo“, Dimora Oz, Palermo (2015), „Hortus Conclusus“, Orto Botanico di Erlangen (2016), „Il Traffico“ collaterale 5x5x5 per manifesta 12, Palermo (2018) e „Das Universum im Kopf“, Orbit24 Frankfurt a.M. (2019), „A.R.T.“ associazione MeNO, Palermo (2020), „ARKAD“ for manifesta 13 Marseille (2020/21), „Equidistanze 2023“ Filetto/Ravenna (IT).